Government ‘stockpiling body bags’ says doctor who contributed to Yellowhammer – The New European

Dr Nicholls, who contributed to the Yellowhammer report, claimed that the government is stockpiling body bags in case of increased mortality after a no-deal Brexit. Picture: BBC

Neurologist Dr David Nicholl volunteered earlier this year to contribute to Operation Yellowhammer, the government’s secret no-deal Brexit planning documents that were leaked in August.

Interviewed on BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show, he said: “They’re stockpiling body bags for the risk of an increased mortality rate in a no-deal Brexit.”

He also called former health minister Stephen Hammond a “secret hero” for warning the government about it in February this year.

He added: “I think that people who support a no-deal Brexit need to be aware of what level of harm they are willing to accept.”

His warning comes amid several calls from health professionals to address the potential effects of a no-deal Brexit on health services, staffing and supplies.

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