Gloucester mum asked at school gates if she was drunk – the reality was far worse – Gloucestershire Live

A mum who was asked if she was drunk at the school gates discovered her stumbling was caused by a hidden rare illness – which left her paralysed in just weeks.

Charlotte Debieux, 25, was mortified to be asked if she had been boozing when she collected her daughter Poppy, three, and found herself feeling unsteady on her feet.

A month after the onset of symptoms including numbness and back pain, she was diagnosed with Guillain Barré Syndrome – which affects one in a million people.

The mother-of-one was alarmed at the loss of sensation, but it rapidly spread throughout her body and she spent a month suffering from a bad back.

Medics were baffled by Charlotte’s condition, and thought she might be suffering from early onset Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

But an MRI scan ruled MS out, and in September 2017 Charlotte was diagnosed with autoimmune condition Guillain Barré Syndrome, which attacks the nerves, using a lumbar puncture.

After a month in hospital, during which time her body was paralysed by the neurological condition, Charlotte was finally able to move her feet – and urged her mum to catch the moment on camera in a sweet home video.

Single mum Charlotte was admitted to University Hospital Southampton, and Poppy moved in permanently with her grandmother, Michelle Debieux, 44.

Charlotte said: “I’d been walking around for weeks, looking drunk. I was finding it hard to walk because my feet felt numb.

“My daughter’s school was asking if I’d been drinking, and I was mortified. That was the point where I realised something was seriously wrong.

“After managing to stumble home I did cry, I was worried that I’d have social services or the police round.

“Another time, I’d been watching The Kardashians, and I went to the toilet and wiped from front to back after having a wee and felt a lack of sensation.

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