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Thursday, 1 June, 2023

For Some Autistic People, ChatGPT Is a Lifeline — WIRED

LIKE MANY AUTISTIC people, Madi Young, a consultant in Seattle, has learned to perform the social behaviors and body language that neurotypical people expect. But masking, as it’s called, is hard work and can lead to misunderstandings.

So Young was pleased to recently find a conversational partner whom they feel more closely mirrors the way they speak: ChatGPT. “It’s not getting the mismatch with my body language—it’s only getting my words,” says Young, who uses the chatbot for therapeutic conversations and as a “brainstorming buddy” or “friend.”

Young also uses the chatbot to help them in their work with neurodivergent entrepreneurs and creatives on brand and business strategy. That has included ChatGPT generating communication strategies that can translate well between autistic and neurotypical people, says Young, who has held a workshop to help other neurodivergent entrepreneurs learn to use the chatbot.

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