For diabetes patients, new health threats and cost concerns surface during coronavirus – The Colorado Sun

Samantha Almeida, 19, photographed on June 8, 2020, at Eisenhower Park in Denver, found out she had Type 1 diabetes following symptoms early in junior year at Thomas Jefferson High School. She’s now doing well with a pump and continuous monitoring. She’s home from Texas medical studies because of the coronavirus outbreak. (Special to the Colorado Trust by Joe Mahoney)

Samantha Almeida was working at a furniture store the summer before her junior year at Denver’s Thomas Jefferson High School, when her bosses started noticing signs that Samantha might have diabetes before she did.

Almeida would ask for extra bathroom breaks from her cashier’s station because she was drinking so much water. She seemed tired all the time. But her bosses weren’t interested in the root causes. They fired her.

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