Five-year-old boy granddad supermarket dance, day before surgery –

Kyu San Juan, a five-year-old from Wisconsin, U.S, wanted to show his, granddad, Txhiaj Sawm Muas, that you can have a dance party anywhere.

So he asked his mum to drive them to a local supermarket where the two had a dance-off in the frozen aisle.

But unlike most spirited five-year-olds, Kyu was due for major surgery the next day to be treated for a condition he was born with.

The youngster has cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM), an abnormal connection between the arteries and veins in the brain.

Last year, Kyu had a craniotomy AVM resection – where a surgical opening is made in the skull – performed. But following a one-year post-operation checkup, Kyu’s AVM grew back.

Before going into surgery in the morning, Kyu organised an impromptu dance party to show his grandpa that ‘you can dance anywhere’.

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