Epilepsy research reveals unknown trigger for seizures – University of Virginia School of Medicine

School of Medicine researchers Eric Wengert (from left), Manoj Patel and Ian Wenker and their collaborators have identified a trigger for epilepsy seizures.

Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have uncovered how problems in cortical microcircuits in the brain can trigger epilepsy seizures. The researchers say that targeting the problem could lead to new treatments for a devastating form of the disease.

UVA epilepsy researchers Eric R. Wengert, PhD, and Manoj K. Patel, PhD, and their team determined that a particular type of brain cell called somatostatin interneurons can cause seizures when they go haywire. These interneurons are typically thought to function as a built-in brake system to safeguard against excessive activity in the brain and prevent seizures, but Wengert and colleagues found that, when dysfunctional, somatostatin interneurons actually drive excessive brain activity and seizures.

Read more at: https://newsroom.uvahealth.com/2021/10/19/epilepsy-research-reveals-unknown-trigger-for-seizures/

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