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Wheelchair-bound makeup artist Noney Gondolos, 50, inspires others with her grit and hard work.

Despite being born with muscle dystrophy and brittle bones, the single mother-of-two from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, does not have a pessimistic view of life.

On the contrary, she boldly faces the challenges that life throws at her.

She was diagnosed with brittle bone disease when she was a year old, and Gondolos has had to be careful with her movements to avoid cracks and fractures in her body.

“When I was about seven years old, I couldn’t move without breaking a bone. Sometimes my friends accidentally crashed into me, causing me to have broken bones in my legs. Usually, it would take me a month to heal,” recalled Gondolos, whose parents worked as rubber tappers and paddy farmers.

Due to her health issues, Gondolos has a small physical stature but that has not stopped her from going all out to create a better life for herself and her two sons.

When her 14-year marriage failed, she filed for divorce in 2014.

Gondolos, a talented singer, started performing at parties and events in villages and government departments.

Read more at https://www.star2.com/people/2019/08/09/rise-entrepreneurs-empowerment-programme/#GkEgRHamsc0xDV8c.99

Read more at: https://www.star2.com/people/2019/08/09/rise-entrepreneurs-empowerment-programme/


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