Enhanced Oral Uptake of Exosomes Opens Cell Therapy Alternative – Cedars Sinai

In this photo taken with an electron microscope, the spheres are exosomes and the black dots are gold labels. Photo courtesy of Mark A. Aminzadeh, MD.

Cell-derived exosomes are effective in treating disease when mixed with the dominant protein in breast milk and given orally, a new Smidt Heart Institute study of laboratory mice shows. The findings, published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Extracellular Vesicles, could help develop new oral medications for treating patients with muscular dystrophy and heart failure.

The study builds on more than a decade of research led by Eduardo Marbán, MD, PhD, executive director of the Smidt Heart Institute and Cedars-Sinai professor of Cardiology. The research has focused on human cardiosphere-derived cells (CDCs) and a type of extracellular vesicle, called an exosome, that is secreted by those cells and travels throughout the body. Exosomes contain various biomolecules.

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