Edinburgh trams disabled travel policy branded ‘daft’ – Herald Scotland

Biggar mum Louise McConnell-Trevelyan, who suffers prolonged and painful seizures, was thrown off an Edinburgh tram last year (Pic: Gordon Terris/The Herald)

A LAWYER who suffers from rare seizures that can last for hours and make her appear dead has called on Edinburgh trams to stop restricting free travel for the disabled only to people who are blind or visually impaired.

Louyse McConnell-Trevillion, from Biggar in Lanarkshire, was thrown off the tram last summer after she tried to use the same travel pass that entitles her to free bus travel throughout Scotland.

Mrs McConnell-Trevillion, 51, who says she is a “big supporter” of having trams in the capital, was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) five years ago.

As well as extreme seizures, the condition also affects her bowel and bladder control.

She said: “I got on at St Andrews Square and I made it as far as the next stop, which was outside Jenners. So I was on for about a minute and a half before being chucked off.

“I said I’d pay, but you can’t buy tickets on the tram.

“I wasn’t trying to be difficult, I was just trying to elicit an understanding of why my pass didn’t work.

“The conductor just kept saying ‘no’ and eventually he wandered down the aisle and rather rudely shouted back at me ‘You. Are. On. A. Tram. Not. A. Bus’. I’m thinking ‘I may have a disability, but I still have a brain’.

“The reason I got on the tram was because I wanted to get to Waterstones quickly because I needed the toilet.

“When he threw me off the tram I was with my 17-year-old son and I was doubly incontinent in front of my son.

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