Dyspraxia Awareness Week: What is dyspraxia, what are the symptoms and how common is it? – The Independent

Dyspraxia is a condition affecting physical co-ordination that can affect a person’s fine motor skills and articulation.

This year, Dyspraxia Awareness Week is taking place from Sunday 6 October until Saturday 12 October.

The aim of the week is to raise awareness of dyspraxia and break down the stigmas that continue to surround it.

Earlier this year, TV presenter Rav Wilding recently opened up about being diagnosed with dyspraxia, saying he has found it “tricky” coping with the co-ordination disorder throughout his life.

The Crimewatch Roadshow presenter told Press Association that dyspraxia is “kind of like dyslexia with your hands”, explaining that he struggled in school when he was unable to do activities that his classmates could with ease.

Signs of dyspraxia may be present from an early age, with possible symptoms including poor co-ordination skills and untidy handwriting.

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