DWP could pay older people with hearing conditions up to £358 each month – Scottish Daily Record

There are currently 7,369 people across the UK receiving Attendance Allowance for a hearing condition (Image: Getty)

The latest figures from the Scottish Government show that there are estimated to be around 850,000 people with hearing loss in Scotland and of those, 70 per cent are over 70.

It is projected that this figure will double in the next 20 years and there can be delays of up to 10 years in people addressing their hearing loss.

Across the UK there are 12 million adults living with a hearing condition or deafness, yet surprisingly, less than 30,000 of them are receiving support through the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and just 7,369 people who have reached State Pension age through Attendance Allowance.

Read more at: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/lifestyle/money/claim-attendance-allowance-hearing-loss-25405147

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