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Let's focus on what we can do, not what we can't!

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There is a new way to move freely for those who use a wheelchair It’s called “Triride” and it’s a small but great aid, that you can attach to your manual wheelchair to turn it into a motorized wheelchair or if you prefer into a lightweight, compact and powerful electric scooter.

Triride is versatile, lightweight, with an attractive design and incredibly agility and speed. There is no barrier for Triride, gravel roads and strong slopes are easy to cover.

Simple to use, quick and easy to attach to your wheelchair. Triride weight is about 9 kilo and you can load it into very small cars too. Lithium battery without memory effect has a long life and charges in about 4 hours.

Triride was born with a clear goal: build an electrical device to motorize a manual wheelchair, in order to give a bigger and surprising mobility both in working life and free time.
Triride was the name of the first device, created by Gianni Conte, owner of the business. He started manufacturing by hand the first prototype for himself, because there was no other similar product on the market in terms of lightness, mobility, unique and personal design. Last but not least he was looking to create a powerful device able to go on gravel roads and to cover easily strong slopes.
Gianni built first prototype products just for friends with the same need but the success was so strong that he decided to establish a company, to produce and sell Triride worldwide.
The talent and the perseverance of this man together with the help of a professional team give life to an amazing company, who is strongly changing the life of people confined to a wheelchair.
Mission of the company is the same of Gianni Conte as he started this unbelievable challenge: improve the mobility of people with disabilities giving a strong and positive impact on their quality of life.
Working life, free time, travelling, doing sport and many other activities are very easy and enjoyable with Triride.
The company is taking on new challenges such as new investments in technological research, new and advanced components and many useful optional ready for the international market. Customer satisfaction is extremely important for the company, who wants to give a better and exciting life for people with physical disabilities.

Contact Details

Via Massimo D'Antona, 8,
Phone: +441252268220
Email: info@triride.uk


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fabio ugolini
Grande grande. ?Gianni at work
lexl l.
A wonderful company with very friendly and especially competent staff. Always worth a visit.
Marco IT
I find this invention an absurd, I have seen use it to a dear friend of mine on a wheelchair .... now you can visit places and make long stretches even rough with ease and no fatigue ... compliments all 'inventor.
Annibale Michiorri
Professional and kind
Maf Phone
Aid innovative and useful, carefully after-sales and dealers everywhere
Yare F.D
Marco Pieragostini
Shaz Davies
I live in New Zealand and have fallen in love with my TriRide, which I've only had for a month. After more than 4 decades of being in a wheelchair I now can get to places I couldn't before. I'm really enjoying the freedom. A great invention!

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