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Taking the ‘dis’ out of disability

Our Charity has one aim – to provide sport and challenging pursuits for people with paralysis – typically people who have had a spinal cord injury, stroke or have M.S.  It is not about creating elite sportsmen and women.  It is about the adrenaline rush, putting the buzz back into a life corralled by the wheelchair, walking sticks or crutches.

The Sportability Experience helps to re-build confidence, restore self-esteem and re-assess their capabilities, which carries through to everyday living.  It is not just access to activities, but the social mix, the acceptance and sense of achievement that are empowering.

For the immediate future the Charity has two main objectives: To provide a greater range of sports (indoor and out) in the existing regions; and to offer programmes in more regions.  We want people with paralysis to have access to sport throughout the UK. The ultimate aim is to bring the Sportability Experience within an hour’s drive of the main population areas of the UK, so we are also looking to develop in South Wales, the North East, and Northern Ireland

In 2018 the Charity organised some 68 events in 14 regions

Our Goal: To provide a range of accessible sports in more areas of the UK for people with paralysis.

Our Credo: To take the ‘dis’ out of disability; focus on ability; inspiring the thought, “If I can do this, what else can I achieve?”

Contact Details

Laynes House, 526-528 Watford Way.
United Kingdom
Phone: 020 8959 0089
Email: info@sportability.org.uk


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Nicola Ann Jenkins
Fantastic day canoeing on the Wye fron Ross on Wye to Kearns Bridge with the Wye Canoe team. The sun was shinning we had ten people and two from Wye canoes. It was much fun and chat with all of those who were able to come out and play on the river for a day. Apparently it never rains when Sportability is out for a day. They are always fair weather days, dont quote me on that. Thanks again my outlook is always happier when I have done something like this, with some amazing participants, its nice to meet new people.
Anna Jackson
I had a great day, yesterday, at York climbing wall, organised by Jane Mackenzie and Sportability, hard work but really good fun. An experience I won't forget and would recommend to everybody, they really do 'make it happen!' Thank you, I can't wait for more events :)
Charlie Goodwin
Excellent time at ifly today with Sportabilty. They put on a great event as always with a great atmosphere. Thanks again Sportabilty team
Ashley Anderson
Excellent day very friendly people and lots of laughs had by all. Keep up the good shooting and nice to meet all of the new shooters and also our regulars.
Alec Sperling
Brilliant day with Sportability at Riverside Shooting Ground Warwickshire today. Met some lovely enthusiastic shooter's. Many thanks Sportabilty and to Brian Quelch David Roling & Cliff Ford of Riverside Shooting Ground
Daniel Wilson
Just done the multi motor sport day at ashtree farm in kent absolutely fantastic day. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming brilliant. Looking forward to the next event. Thanks. Ks. You all very much.
Christian Rolfe
Thank you for a great day shooting in Bisley, I have aches on my aches
Tania Louise Goddard
Had such an amazing day at The Cotswolds Gliding Club yesterday.
Vikki Ann
Thank you 4 a fabulous blokarting session today. Now two of us are hooked lol x
Yolanda Barker
I have achieved things I never thought possible through Sportability whilst meeting incredible and supportive people too.

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