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SameYou is my fundraising charity, to help young adults
become themselves again after brain injury and stroke
–  Emilia Clarke

As more people recover from brain injury and stroke because of improvements in acute care, we urgently need a major initiative to propel neurorehabilitation support services to the forefront.

I know from personal experience how important it is when recovering from brain injury to receive the best rehabilitation care.

In many countries support is hard to find and even in the best health care services, immediate rehabilitation is often insufficient. We need to work to change healthcare policies, improve the pathways to recovery and campaign to increase provision.

Brain injury is a leading cause of death & disability

Every 90 seconds there is one hospital admission for acquired brain injury

1.3 million people are living with the consequences of traumatic brain injuries

£15Bn per annum cost to UK economy of the effects of brain injury

Our plans include 

Understanding what’s needed

  • Backing primary research with the  Stroke Association UK  to understand the recovery needs of young adults after brain injury and stroke
  • Acting as a catalyst for change supporting leading neurorehabilitation initiatives

Evidence of the benefits of increased neurorehabilitation

  • Commissioning research to demonstrate cost advantages delivered by increased investment in neurorehabilitation
  • Lending our voice to those involved in policy change

A new Advanced Level Practitioner rehabilitation nurse training qualification

  • Working with the  Royal College of Nursing UK , and Spaulding Hospital Boston – USA , to pioneer integrated physical, cognitive and mental health neurorehabilitation nursing care
  • Facilitating international best practice sharing to help solve patients’ unmet recovery needs
  • Working with healthcare leaders to see how this training may be made available in the UK and USA, and though Nursing Now to see how this training might be made available across the developing world

Funding new clinical research 

  • Supporting ground-breaking research, contributing to advancements in rehabilitation science
  • Working with the Spaulding Hospital Boston – USA , the official teaching partner of the Harvard Medical School Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)
  • Raising funds to sponsor a 2-year research program to uncover the biopsychosocial impact of Acquired Brain Injury on young adults

Our long-term vision

  • To work with neurorehabilitation leaders to develop a blueprint for a new type of neuro-recovery centre helping people find their way to recovery through emotional and practical support

  • Beatrice Crippa

    The worst thing is FEAR, a fear I had never felt before. Fear of never return "normal", fear of pain, fear of the present and fear of the future. Thanks for this noble initiative. What you do is very important and it would be important also here in Italy.

  • Dave Morgan

    My wife is currently recovering from brain surgery and undergoing treatment for brain cancer. The help she continues to receive from a wonderfully skilled neuro recovery team is amazing. More research in this area will provide great dividends to future patients. This is a great cause. Thanks for leading this effort!

  • Cindy Jenks Mayes

    Highly recommend Same You. Emilia Clarke has been very outspoken about her experience after two ruptured aneurysms. Her efforts to fund aneurysm research and raise awareness is commendable. Thank you Emilia!

  • DarMel JoJay

    Having suffered a stroke at 49, I understand the feelings and frustration young adults go through in rehab following an acquired brain injury. Its horrendous! Its lonely! It's a progressive path that needs to be trod at a different pace by each and every survivor. Every ounce of help is useful and welcome, so a charity such as this can only benefit my fellow survivors now and in the future. Thank you.

  • Scott Smallwood

    I had an aneurysm just over three years ago. It was a terrifying experience for me and my family and the recovery from surgery was long and scary. The challenge was to regain my speech and vocabulary and get used to the lovely scar from surgery. Now, fully recovered, I’m reminded to pay close attention when the body is speaking to you, listen. Thank you, Emilia, for shedding light on something most people don’t really talk about. Scott Smallwood, Austin

  • Charlotte Hannibal

    I was 18 when I got meningitis and it's taken me 4 years to return to mainstream work. This is an incredible cause! Young people need more support to ensure that their lives can be put back on track so they can achieve the incredible things that they ARE capable of!

  • Louise Ryan

    In Feb 2018, whilst working out at the gym, I also suffered an SAH. The pain was unbearable, luckily my husband got me to the hospital and I was treated promptly (by the amazing Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi), I had surgery (platinum coiling) the following day to repair the damage. I lost my hearing for quite a while, but now one year on I am fully recovered, however I’m now being monitored and at the last MRI I was informed that I have another aneurysm, too small to operate, this is due for check up in May of this year. Fingers crossed for then....thank you to the amazing medical staff and developments in the treatment of brain injuries and trauma

  • Lily Mathews

    I underwent an aneurysm at the age of 22, when I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter, in 1973. I too lost my sense of speech, in a coma & had great difficulty responding to a very simple question. By the grace of God & all prayers from my family & friends, I survived. That was 46 years ago. Thank you, Emilia for bringing awareness to this problem. Be blessed.

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