I want to start with one important question, when do we feel happy? Most people will agree that we are happy when we can do something to help people around us. Sometimes happiness comes doing little things, happiness is contagious, and I believe that if you make people happy, those same happy people will make you happy.

Some years back, I worked for a well known wheelchair manufacturer that was established in USA, but not in Europe. I helped them to find partners in Europe and through that experience, I learned about wheelchairs and wheelchair users. I felt happy in this new business, because I felt that my work was helping people.

Slowly, I started to make my own products. Most of my best products came at the request of customers. I was asked to make better gloves, so I did. We were making covers for the back wheels of wheelchairs and I was asked to make covers for the front wheels too. So I invented a cover for the front wheels, and recently received a patent for it. And most recently, I was asked to make a product to help keep wheelchair users dry in the rain and this is what I am doing now. In addition to all of the products serving a purpose, all of the products were focused on design, colors, fun. I did not want to do boring medical products. I wanted to make products that also had style.

Who am I?, I am Dr. Gene Emmer. Why am I a doctor? Because I earned a doctorate degree in physiology at SUNY Buffalo. Then I was off to Cambridge to get a Master’s degree in Business Management  in Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan Business School (yeah, lots of school). Although I am an American, I worked for years in Europe and am still here today. In 2009 I founded the company which is today known as RehaDesign.

The mission of the company is “ We don’t provide products, we help people make their lives a little bit easier“ whether it is making it easier to keep their house clean or helping them to keep dry in the rain.

Our mission is shared by a lot of consumers this is the reason why today our products are used round the world.

Do you want help us to spread our mission all around the world? You can join our team as:

* Dealer: We are always interested in finding new dealers. Ask your mobility equipment dealer if they carry RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories. If not, ask them to contact us.
* Distributor: If you own a business selling quality mobility products and are interested in distributing RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories you are welcome to contact us.
* Tester or opinion maker: We love to hear from our customers. If you have a comment or want to suggest a new product, write to me on my private email address (EugeneEmmer „AT“ Gmail „DOT“ com). We are always glad to hear from our customers. If you have any problems, ideas, or questions, send us an email. You will get a personal response, generally in a few hours, but rarely in longer than a day.

  • Johnny Wang

    Wheelchair users run into a lot of different issues that either aren't addressed by products on the market currently, or are poorly addressed by markets from accessibility vendors. Because of this, it's always nice to have additional vendors in the space, and RehaDesign at least does active user testing to get feedback about any products it plans to launch, which makes for much better end result products!

  • Jay Crawford

    Amazing Pushrims by Rehadesign I now have yellow ones, black ones and my blue ones are on their way!

  • Ponzio Pelato

    I bought your hand-rims ... fabulous! I recommend them to everyone. Thanks to Galina and Doct Emmer for their help. Thank you

  • Patricia Gentile

    Hello. I just had to write to let you know how much I like your Buddy Pack and square umbrella products. I just think they are both a fabulous idea. They are not only nice looking, but they are also well made and extremely functional. I can say that from now on, when I venture out, I will be sporting my buddy pack. It’s great. I won’t have anything inaccessible hanging on the back of my wheelchair. Since I live in the desert in South West region of the US, I will mostly use your umbrella to keep myself shaded from the brutal, ever-present summer sun without needing to wear a hat. Thank you for your thoughtfully designed products, and your excellent Customer Service to go along with it. I wish RehaDesign continued success in providing such fine products for people with disabilities. With many thanks, Pat G.

  • Pete Dickson

    Really good products in particular push rim covers. I have bought two sets now and wouldn't go anywhere else as they are value for money

  • Claire Noyes

    From ordering to delivery, very quick and easy. Fabulous push rim covers, well made and lovely colour

  • Sascha Butler

    Yellow push rims fitted. Improved grip, damaged rims hidden and no more cold fingers. Happy customer. Great customer service from Galina too.

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