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The Mountain Trike Company believe that everyone should be able to access the outdoors, no matter what your ability might be.  They design a range of all terrain wheelchair products using high end mountain bike technology, lightweight aluminium frames, all fully tested for your ultimate comfort and safety.

 All products are highly practical and fold up to fit in the boot of most cars and are compact and manoeuvrable enough to go for a country ride and pop into a pub for lunch or head around town for some shopping.

The company offer demonstrations, a try before you buy scheme and there are a number of experience centres located around the UK where products are available to try.  Also a number of organisations, such as the National Trust have their own Mountain Trike products available for public use.

All products are available with 0% finance, a wide selection of colour choices, a 3 year warranty and free delivery in the UK. A number of compatible accessories are also available on all products. The range has also been designed with customer changing needs in mind and the whole range is modular making these products more affordable and flexible. 

Customers vary in age from as young as 8 years old up to 96 years old all with varying abilities from amputees, spinal cord injuries and conditions such as MS  – all have one common goal – a love of exploring the great outdoors! 

Take a look at the product range:

Mountain Trike – lever drive all terrain wheelchair

The flagship all terrain Mountain Trike has a unique lever drive system which allows the user to independently propel, steer and apply the hydraulic brakes whilst maintaining clean, dry hands in all weathers. Direct steering is applied by turning a joystick located on one of the drive levers and each drive lever independently propels one of the main wheels.  A third wheel at the rear of the chair offers stability, hydraulic brakes give all weather control and 3 independent shock absorbers offer comfort and safety over rough and uneven ground.

Many features can be customised – the frame is adjustable, the footrest can be raised or lowered and the seat back comes in various sizes allowing for maximum fit. The frame can be personalised from a wide range of colour choices and a number of compatible accessories are also available.  As well as an eKit which can convert the Mountain Trike into the eTrike.

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eTrike – electric power assist all terrain wheelchair

The latest product from the Mountain Trike company and recently added to the range, ideal for those who are looking for some assistance to travel off road or for active users who want to go further, faster or tackle more challenging terrain.  The eTrike is designed with all the same components found on the Mountain Trike, but is fitted with a motor hub. The eTrike offers flexible riding – the user can propel manually by pushing the drive levers and add power assist when required by twisting the throttle, or it can be ridden by combining pushing the drive levers and twisting the throttle simultaneously.  The throttle is operated from the lever drive with an easy to twist grip or thumb lever with 5 power settings displayed on a LCD screen. The 250w hub motor powered by a 36v 12Ah Li-ion battery has an excellent range and is powerful enough to cope with rough surfaces and hill climbs alike. The battery can be charged whilst fitted to the eTrike or removed to be charged indoors.

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MT Evo – adapted lever drive all terrain wheelchair

The MT Evo has been adapted for users with limited hand function and was developed with close feedback from tetraplegics, quadriplegics and various people with limited hand function.  It provides the same excellent off road performance to that of the Mountain Trike, but with simpler controls – a simple pivoting handle operates the disc brakes by moving your arm inwards and it is recommended use with Active Hands gripping aid meaning the system requires no finger function to operate. Ergonomic loops give an easy to use method of drive engagement. It allows users to have the confidence in their ability to fully control the braking, steering and pushing of the MT Evo no matter what terrain you tackle.

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MT Push – all terrain attendant wheelchair

The MT Push has very similar features to that of the Mountain Trike, however the unique lever drive system has been removed and replaced with a push handle, located behind the rider which is where the steering and braking takes place by the riders buddy. Adjustable arm rests have been added for rider comfort.  The MT Push provides inclusive access to a wide variety of terrain – mud, gravel, grass, snow, sand and uneven pathways.  It is suited for riders who aren’t able to self-propel but still want to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

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Get in touch today with the Mountain Trike team – learn more by visiting the website, dropping them an email or calling them on 01270 842616.  Also follow their social channels to keep up with their latest news and customer adventures:


  • Paul Stanley

    Fantastic bit of kit! when I've found the money this will transform my wife's leisure activities!

  • Caroline Beeson

    I have had my beloved Mountaintrike for more than 4 years now and it has changed my life! I'm able to get out into different environments with friends and family and enjoy nature again - and have fun getting down and dirty if I want. It copes brilliantly with getting over tree routes so woods are now a place to explore, I've taken it onto beaches, through snow, and even tried it on an ice-rink! A bunch of us go rambling in them. My strength soon built up by using it and I'm no spring chicken - a brilliant piece of engineering, worth every penny, and backed up by a lovely group of people who are there to help, should it ever be needed. My MT is the best thing I've ever bought and is as good now as when I got my excited little mitts on it...

  • Stephen Hughes

    A brilliant peace of kit Ive had my Mountian Trike for 4 years now and use it most days walking My dogs. It easily copes with going up and down curds and over rough pavements and when I decide to go into the woods it will go through mud over roots up and down hills without changing a thing its very happy in either environment. When i first got the Trike i had to work on my fitness and stamina to get the best out of it but just going out on the Trike has built up both and you soon find your self doing longer and longer distances. Tim and the good people at Mountain Trike offer support and help whenever you need it when you buy a Trike you join the Trike Family and theres alway help and support just a phone call away. As i have said i use my Trike pretty much every day so it gets hard use but 4 years on and it's running like it did when i first got it. If you want to get out and about without worrying to much about the conditions you will come across the Mountain Trike could be the answer.

  • Natasha De Jonghe

  • Jasmin Hemze

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