Magnesium Wheels

Smile every day*

We want to put a smile on the faces of wheelchair users around the world with our lightweight wheels.

Weighing only 1,050 g, one set of 24″ Mg Wheels barely registers on the scale! You wouldn’t be able to help but laugh at the ease with which you pick these up.

Ultra-light wheelchair wheels

Find out about the revolutionary new wheelchair wheels that are lighter than ever! We have collaborated with Dutch Paralympic medallist Sharon Walraven to develop the lightest wheelchair wheels in the world, made out of magnesium.

Sharon Walraven: the lightest wheelchair wheels

Paralympic medallist Sharon Walraven says, ‘As a top athlete, I am constantly looking for the best resources to improve my performance. Together with Mg Wheels, I developed these unique lightweight magnesium wheels which assist me on and off the field!

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  • Werner Ketels

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