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Our goal is quite simple: we want to get more disabled people enjoying new, fun and sometimes exhilarating activities. We want to help people with disabilities feel confident that they can enjoy the same activities and life experiences as someone without a disability.

We want disabled people to be proud of their Gift Experience, share it with friends and family, be it down the pub, at the dinner table or simply on the phone to mates, let’s face it, we all like to show off once in a while!

We’re the only company in the UK that specialises in Gift Experiences for people with disabilities, and our in-depth knowledge comes from firsthand experience.

If you’re buying an experience voucher as a gift for a loved one or friend, whether that’s Ferrari-driving or skydiving, you can trust the Home of Gift Experiences to have done the homework and found the best possible provider to accommodate that person’s disabilities and let them get the most out of the experience. (And if you’re booking for yourself, we take care of any hassles that might otherwise spoil your day.)

We don’t believe that activities for disabled people should be restricted to a specialist group. That’s why we use mainstream operators where possible, to include people with disabilities in everyday activities. Each person is treated as an individual with specific needs and requirements.

The Home of Gift Experiences for Disabled People vets every activity provider to ensure that the facilities and the experience on the day are up to our exacting standards. You get clear, accurate information up front about what’s involved and which disabilities can be accommodated. That makes it much easier to browse what’s on offer, whether you’re looking for an activity gift voucher for a loved one or planning to do something exciting yourself.

Founder Paul Nicol discovered that losing his sight at the age of 23 awakened in him a new passion for outdoor activities and challenges. He’s constantly looking for new ways to push his own limits – most recently, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro! He has also done tandem skydiving, aerobatic flights, indoor skydiving, bungee jumping… in fact, almost all of the activities the Home of Gift Experiences for Disabled People has to offer have been personally experienced by the company’s founder!

Paul’s passion for outdoor challenges helped him to discover a gap in the market: it’s difficult for people with disabilities to find activity providers to meet their needs. While there are plenty of companies offering activity gift vouchers, it requires a lot of research to buy one that a disabled friend or relative will be able to use.

Paul reasoned if he, as a blind man, has enjoyed the likes of whitewater rafting and  zooming round the Silverstone racetrack, perhaps others would feel the same but lack the patience or confidence to seek out disability-friendly providers. So The Home of Gift Experiences for Disabled People was born.

We think we’re good at what we do, but we need you to tell us! If you like what we do, or if you have thoughts on how we can make it better, please head to our feedback page. We love to hear from our customers and we can’t improve without hearing from you, so get in touch!

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