Graeae is a force for change in world-class theatre, boldly placing D/deaf and disabled actors centre stage and challenging preconceptions.

‘A Company that refuses to be relegated to the sidelines’ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian 

Graeae presents a unique approach which:

  • Boldly places D/deaf and disabled artists centre-stage in a diversity of new and existing plays
  • Pioneers a radical dramatic language by exploring the “aesthetics of access”, creatively embedding a range of tools such as audio description and sign language from the very beginning of the artistic process
  • Explores new territory and theatrical genres – from contemporary classics to musicals, to outdoor circuit… with sway poles and giant puppets!

Graeae champions the inclusion of D/deaf and disabled people in the arts through:

  • Intensive actor and writer training initiatives
  • Access support for creative and learning situations
  • Empowering workshops and training programmes for young artists, led by inspiring role models
  • A range of training models for the creative sector – from inclusive practice for drama schools, through to accessible e-marketing for theatre venues



  • The Guardian on This Is Not For You, July 2018

    "This Is Not For You is at once defiant and open-hearted. The entire cast are singing, for the living rather than the dead, the choir flying above with their harmonies. Though a moving experience for an audience, the real value of this piece is that it offers these veterans a chance to be seen and heard. "

  • Disability Arts Online on This Is Not For You, July 2018

    "There is no doubt the story of war victims over the past hundred years creates a huge emotional impact. During the finale many of the audience members and even performers have tears in their eyes, as the full cast sing expressing the significance of not being forgotten and still being alive.This Is Not For You highlights the injustices these men and women have gone through. They have served and lost limbs for their country, yet when they return the very people who sent them to war will not acknowledge their sacrifice.Although society may have forgotten about these individuals, the audience are not going to forget them any time soon. This Is Not For You proves that these warriors will not be stifled; they will fight to the end to tell their story and be heard."

  • Exeunt on Courage Everywhere: And Others, November 2018

    “Exciting stories are interspersed with the Graeae company’s commentaries and important additions. Graeae’s women are sharp, passionate, insightful, rebellious and playful. They cover the nuances of feminist conflicts from then and today. This D/deaf and disabled history is collaborative and ongoing, made possible only by women’s teamwork and determination not to settle for some victories.”

  • The Stage on Reasons to be Cheerful, September 2017

    "It feels fresher than ever in this new touring version… Sealey’s production is one of glorious anarchy. Far from being an add-ons, the creative integration of sign language, audio description and captioning adds to the theatricality."

  • Time Out on Reasons to be Cheerful, November 2017

    "It’s so full of cheer that, like the actors at the beginning, it spills off the stage and runs rampant through the auditorium....Topping it all off is a stunning band, fuelling the show with almighty sax solos (Louis Schultz-Wiremu) and prodigious keys from Joey Hickman - any show with a keytar solo is instantly pretty awesome."

  • The Times on The House of Bernarda Alba, February 2017

    “Jenny Sealey directs with dexterity, interweaving all the demands of this production into something special. An extraordinary production."

  • The Guardian on The House of Bernarda Alba, February 2017

    "Director Jenny Sealey's seamless incorporation of British Sign Language, visual description and captioning...breathtaking theatre by the most economical means."

Press release 15.05.19

Nickie-Miles Wildin joins Graeae as Associate Director

Nickie Miles-Wildin succeeds Amit Sharma, who recently took up the appointment of Deputy Artistic Director at Birmingham Repertory Theatre

For Graeae, Nickie’s acting credits include Flower Girls (2009), and Assistant Director credits include Blood Wedding (2015) and The House of Bernarda Alba (2017). Nickie was also Associate Director for the Ramps on the Moon/New Wolsey Theatre production of The Who’s Tommy in 2017.

A photo showing Nickie Miles-Wildin directingFor last 18 months, Nickie has been Resident Assistant Director at Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, as part of Regional Theatre Young Director’s Scheme.

Nickie was Staff Director for Mosquitoes at the National Theatre in 2017, directed by Rufus Norris, with a cast including Olivia Colman and Olivia Williams.

Nickie played Miranda opposite Sir Ian McKellen’s Prospero in the London 2012 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony, co-directed by Jenny Sealey
With the departure of Amit Sharma to Birmingham Repertory Theatre, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Nickie Miles-Wildin as Graeae’s Associate Director. Nickie will lead on Graeae’s new writing programme, including Write to Play.

Nickie has a wide and varied career, having worked with Graeae in various capacities over the last 15 years, as a writer, director and workshop facilitator. Nickie is best known for her role as Miranda in the London Paralympics Opening Ceremony 2012, co-directed by Jenny Sealey.

Nickie said: “I’m really excited to be joining Graeae as Associate Director. I’ve had a working relationship with the company since 1998 when Jenny came to see my one woman play 3ft Off The Ground at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (obviously I was only 7 when I made that piece!). It’s through Graeae that I grew as a performer and as a disabled woman. A big part of my disability journey. Having assisted Jenny on previous shows such as Blood Wedding and The House of Bernarda Alba I realised the impact Graeae has on the mainstream world – allowing the disabled narrative to take centre stage and therefore changing the cultural landscape. A photo showing Nickie Miles-Wildin directing.

For the last 18 months, I’ve been resident assistant director at The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester as part of the Regional Theatre Young Director’s Scheme. It has developed my confidence as a director, enabled me to forge working relationships with an array of creatives and gave me a passion for new writing. And with these skills and passion I’m thrilled to join Graeae in this role. I can’t wait to work with the Write To Play participants on their new writing, lead creative workshops for artists, schools etc and implement Graeae’s vision across the sector. It’s going to be a busy but exciting time.”

Jenny Sealey said: “I’m over the moon that Nickie is continuing and developing her relationship with Graeae by joining us as our new Associate Director to see us in to our 40th birthday. I’ve worked with Nickie many times before in various roles, as a brilliant actor, a sound workshop facilitator, and of course as a hugely talented director with an astute way of working with new writing. Nickie will therefore lead on our new writing and artistic strategy. Watch this space!”

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