GM Coachwork

GM Coachwork

GM provide a range of vehicle adaptations under the Motability scheme and are agents for many of the leading specialist manufacturers including Autochair, Autoadapt, Braun, Brig Ayd, Dahl, Elap, Guido Simplex, Koller, Lodgesons, Q Straint and Unwin.

With nearly 30 years experience we are confident we can overcome most ailments associated with age or disability to help you to continue to drive your car in comfort. From a simple steering wheel ball to a total drive-by-wire solution we supply and fit an exceptional range of mobility adaptations – all designed to make your life easier behind the wheel. At GM we are proud of our ability to help individuals overcome mobility issues and increase their freedom and mobility.

Primary driving controls

GM Coachwork supply a complete range of primary driving control adaptations from simple hand controls and accelerators to drive-by wire systems to overcome most barriers to driving a car. Primary driving controls include the key functions required to drive the vehicle, such as steering adaptations, brake adaptations, accelerators adaptations and gear change devices or adaptations.

Secondary driving controls

We offer a wide range of modifications to your secondary controls. If you need help operating indicators, wipers, lights or help with gear selection or operating the hand brake we will have a solution. Similarly there a range of options regarding seating solutions from powered seats to the Turny Evo seat which turns and extends outside the vehicle to allow the driver or passenger with restricted mobility to access the vehicle.

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