This is your one-stop shop for designer mobility aids! Just because you need mobility support does not mean that you have to put up with a dull, functional grey colour!

GlamSticks™ are bespoke, Bling designer crutches, individually crafted for your personal use. You can either select directly from the catalogue that you can see online or I can provide a bespoke Bling item exactly to match your own design. Bespoke GlamSticks™ will incur an extra £5 charge due to the extra work involved. Each Glamstick™ is hand-painted and individually designed and finished to a very high standard for durability.

Have a look at the Glamsticks™ I already have online and discuss your requirements with me – you can order and pay online for one of the existing designs in the catalogue or send me an email and we can discuss any other Bling design that you would like! Glamsticks™ are bespoke, designer items made with you in mind!
Glamsticks™ are also the must have Bling of the celebrity world, We are also the winner of mobility product of the year 2011, and voted top ten best mobility product 2011.

GlamSticks™are THE new designer mobility aids!

Whether you’ve got an important business or social function to go to, or a wedding to attend, or just a night out with friends, now there’s a mobility aid that adds style and glamour to your outfit! You no longer have to be frustrated because you’ve spent a fortune on a really nice outfit or dress but you’ve still got to have that dull, grey stick with you. Now you can have something that’s every bit as glamorous as you are and as your outfit is!

GlamSticks™for every occasion!

Have a look through my catalogue and start to add to your Glamsticks™ollection today! Order online or just get in touch and I’ll get started on your order straight away! Every Glamstick™is hand-painted and designed so do allow 28 working days to 6 weeks from the date of your order for despatch – it’s well worth the wait!

Please do also be sure to let me know the size you want – once the Glamstick™is finished then it’s no longer adjustable so we do want to get the size right for you right from the go!

All of the designs are a guide and can be easily customised in a variety and designs to suit your personal needs and taste – we can discuss exactly what you want so that you can get exactly the Glamstick that’s right for you!

Choose your GlamStick™today!


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