FRONTLINEdance seeks to break down the barriers for people to engage in dance participation and performance, playing a positive role in integration and community cohesion.

We want the same access and progression routes into dance for disabled children and young people that exist for their non-disabled peers. Whilst striving for disabled dance artists to be viewed in the same professional light as mainstream dancers, choreographers and facilitators.

Under the Artistic Direction of Rachael Lines, UK based FRONTLINEdance is an integrated (disabled and non-disabled) dance company.

We exist to create a more visible culturally diverse society – positively celebrating disability and older age.

Our work is informed by and clearly contributes to key national and local agendas such as the ‘Creative Case for Diversity & Ageing Well’ – making a positive social impact. FRONTLINEdance is appreciated for its sensitive work specifically with disabled people, older people and people of all ages in healthcare settings, and in particular hospitals.

Integrating groups and people together is very important to us – it drives the company and its projects forward and excites us artistically. We do this with a focus on PERFORMANCEHEALTH, and COMMUNITY working with a wide range of ages and ability, in, and from a diverse range of settings.

From the beginning, we’ve been choreographing our own work, making FRONTLINEdance one of the first integrated dance companies in the UK to do so.

FRONTLINEdance was co-founded by Rachael Lines and Michael King in 2000, and officially became a not-for-profit company Ltd by guarantee (no shareholders) in 2001.

  • Tracy Henham

    They are so welcoming and supportive and every person who attends, matters. They never gave up on me even when I did ?

  • Caroline Emma

  • Sarah Singh

    An inspiration to watch with such wonderful community spirit.

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Stoke-on-Trent College, Performing Arts Dept, Burslem Campus, Moorland Rd.



United Kingdom

01782 208208

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