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Euan’s Guide is the disabled access review website used by disabled people to review, share and discover accessible places to visit. The charity was founded in 2013 by Euan MacDonald, who is a powerchair user, and his sister Kiki. As Euan’s access requirements changed, both went in search of recommendations for accessible places to go, but a platform for this kind of information didn’t exist. Built as a friendly and honest alternative to hours of web searching and phone calls before visiting somewhere new, Euan’s Guide now has thousands of disabled access reviews and listings for places all over the UK and beyond.

Who is Euan?

An adventurer, rugby fan and whisky enthusiast, Euan MacDonald (MBE) co-founded Euan’s Guide with his sister Kiki in 2013. After his Motor Neurone Disease (MND) diagnosis in 2003, Euan moved from London back to Edinburgh to be with his family and fundraise for MND research. In 2006, Euan and his father Donald established the Euan MacDonald Centre for MND Research, and helped to set up the Voicebank Project, which is today known as Speak:Unique.

Ten years after his diagnosis, Euan’s Guide was launched by Euan and his sister Kiki as a place for disabled people, their families and friends to share their knowledge of accessible places to go. The award-winning charity is based in Scotland and used by disabled people all over the UK and beyond.

Euan and Kiki work in the Old Town of Edinburgh alongside their team: a friendly bunch who are passionate about accessibility.

  • Sue Greaves Myers

    20 years ago, when I was in my 20's. I was left partially paralysed after a back operation went wrong. Walking is difficult but has become increasingly difficult as I get older. About 10 years ago my husband bought a mobility scooter for me which changed my life, I was able to join him and our son on outings but still struggled as not everywhere is accessible. I'm hoping that Euan's guide will help build my confidence to do more independently. We are moving to West Cornwall and I have a 3 year old active dog which I would love to take on country walks so will be keen to hear where I'd be able to go with her. By the looks of it, I'm at the right place to find it!

  • Eleanor Dent

    First of all i would like to thank everybody that contributes to this page it is so important to all of us to collect and share information about where we can visit so we can enjoy our travels without feeling disabled thank you

  • Alastair Carr

    Fantastic charity: disability rights are coming of age...

  • Dorothy Ann Young

    Something I have been anxious to find out for some time!

  • Juliet-Ann Burgis

    Interesting may encourage disabled to try new places.More reviews for Croydon .Norbury.Streatham. Mitcham. please my nearby areas.South london.Please note these reviews will also benefit parents with prams.

  • Anjelica Falterfoot

    A go to where ever I go to check out venues etc

  • Nikki Dennis

    Very helpful. Our bugbear is places without hoists and disabled changing places. It's so useful knowing which places cater for non mobile people's needs.

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