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CarbonBlack is an innovative and futuristic wheelchair made almost entirely from carbon fibre, the super-lightweight material used in Formula One.

Three times the strength of steel and up to 5 times lighter, CarbonBlack’s innovative carbon fibre is moulded into an ergonomically designed form that is stylish, lightweight and futuristically minimalist in appearance.

With its head office in Scotland and financial backing from Highland Venture Capital and Scottish Enterprise, the company’s vision is to offer enhanced mobility and help change the everyday perception of chair users across the globe by tapping into new markets.

Sleek and beautifully designed, the manufacturers see the CarbonBlack chair not just as a mobility and independence aid, but a perception revolution that is changing the wider public’s view of wheelchairs and their users.

Arguably the most compact rigid-frame lightweight wheelchair on the market, it dismantles in seconds into easy to transport parts, none heavier than 3.5kg.

The distinctive black chairs can even include LED lighting so that hidden kerbs and other obstacles are visible to users at night.

CarbonBlack was specifically aimed at active independent users and with starting prices of £3995 each chair can be custom-built to the users’ requirements, style and preferred colour, as well as a range of experience-enhancing extras.

The original CarbonBlack was created by Andrew Slorance, who was himself wheelchair-bound from the age of 14 after suffering a spinal injury.

His philosophy was based around the poor design and aesthetics of the wheelchairs that were to become his legs after his accident.

He wanted to design a lightweight, ergonomic and aesthetically-pleasing wheelchair that complemented the user rather than defining them as disabled.

Andrew, who remains an investor in the business, therefore approached a company that made carbon-fibre components for Formula One and the concept for CarbonBlack became a reality.

While design and assembly staunchly remain in the UK, the production journey for CarbonBlack II has taken the business to the other side of the world in search of more cost-effective and  robust engineering solutions.

China is a more cost-effective location to produce carbon fibre, but this is not just about money – the new manufacturing process (EPS) also creates a solution with greater product integrity and reduced engineering vulnerability.

The cost-effectiveness arises from this process because the shape is developed in fewer stages, thereby reducing cost.

The process allows CarbonBlack to reduce the number of bonded joints, which removes weight and adds strength.

In addition, the chair can now also be repaired or replaced much more easily because of the new build process.

CarbonBlack II can now be made to order in just four weeks depending on production slots and available stock.

The chair weighs from 5.5kg and comes with a new revolutionary adjustable rear axle.

The chair also comes as standard with CarbonBlack’s signature 5-spoke fully carbon fibre wheels that take a 200g tubular tyre to underline its lightweight credentials.

This latest offering is sporting a blue theme and comes with tyres, two 4” soft roll casters in blue to match and matching logos to finish. We have added composite lever brakes, which are adjustable to the user’s preference and are the lightest on the market.

The backrest is a new minimal wrap-around one-piece design which attaches via a height adjuster and quick release mechanism.

Optional extras include:

  • LED lights, front – coloured white, water resistant and rechargeable
  • LED lights, rear – coloured red, water resistant and rechargeable
  • Handles
  • Anti-Tip
  • Left hand under-seat pouch
  • Right hand under-seat pouch
  • TARTA® Designs backrest
  • Clothes guards
  • Ram mounts – mounts for phones, tablets, umbrellas, drinks and more.

  • Miguel Mendonça

    Amazing chairs - mine has been a constant companion for two years and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Beautiful, practical and liberating!

  • Albert Visiedo

    Disruptive tech. Nice carbon fiber product! Congratulations guys.

  • Rachid Aitaouman

    Thank you very much

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