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Brian Barr Solicitors

Founded in 2002, Brian Barr Solicitors are a specialist firm of solicitors whose expertise is chronic pain and serious injury litigation.

We specialise in assisting claimants throughout England and Wales with personal injury and insurance claims. At Brian Barr Solicitors we will offer you peace of mind throughout the whole process. Funding your case may well be very straightforward through your existing legal expenses cover or our ‘no win, no fee’ scheme.

We are expert lawyers specialising in CRPS, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, serious injury and more. We are dedicated to building strong relationships with our clients and providing them with access to the leading experts whose understanding of chronic pain is second to none.

In any accident or insurance claim, transferring your claim from your current solicitor to Brian Barr Solicitors will be easy and hassle-free.

As leading fibromyalgiachronic pain and CRPS lawyers, we are a dedicated team who are passionate about helping our clients in a caring, understanding and professional manner. We pride ourselves in providing expert support and advice in your time of need.

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Grosvenor House, Off Agecroft Road
M27 8UW
United Kingdom
Phone: 0161 737 9248
Email: info@brianbarr.co.uk


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Specialist solicitors for complex personal injury claims

Steven Akerman, from Brian Barr Solicitors, assists fibromyalgia & PTSD sufferer who experienced a road accident.


Together, Steven Akerman of Brian Barr Solicitors and Counsel, Fiona Ashworth of Kings Chambers, helped to obtain a total of £120,000 in chronic pain compensation for Mrs M who, after an extremely traumatic road traffic accident, became a PTSD and fibromyalgia sufferer.

In November 2013, Mrs M approached a roundabout while driving a small vehicle. As she proceeded along the roundabout, a lorry beside her collided with the side of her vehicle, dragging her along the roundabout for some time. This was an extremely frightening accident for Mrs M, who believed she might be killed or seriously injured as a result.

After the accident, she began to experience unpleasant dreams, nightmares, insomnia and recurring memories of the accident as though it was happening over and over again, coinciding with distressing anxiety. As a result, she developed social isolation, low mood, apathy and loss of motivation. She became very anxious whilst in traffic and was referred to secondary mental health services, where a diagnosis of PTSD was made.

Mrs M also experienced aches and pains, especially to her shoulder. Her sleep was disturbed and she complained of fatigue. She complained of flu-like symptoms and, four months post-accident, was complaining of generalised muscle pain, fatigue and cognitive dysfunction. Subsequently, she was diagnosed with suffering from fibromyalgia as well.

Her prognosis was also very poor going forward. The chronic and enduring nature of the PTSD made it unlikely that she will return to work on either a full or part-time basis. Unfortunately, Mrs M has been greatly affected by her PTSD and fibromyalgia; at the time of the accident, she was self-employed as a Personal Finance Advisor. She struggled at work and finally had no choice but to stop working altogether in December 2014.

Mrs M also requires assistance with general household chores, laundry, meal preparation and shopping, as well with some personal care and gardening. She is also an avid dog owner, who now struggles to take care of her numerous pets. This alone causes her distress, along with her loss of independence. She relies on the help of family and friends.

The claim, however, was not straightforward. Mrs M had a 15-year history of back pain, causing difficulty in working, and she had been previously been in receipt of benefits. She was also the victim of previous accidents, which caused various degrees of difficulties. She was also prone to previous bouts of stress and anxiety to varying degrees.

The other side tried to argue, therefore, that Mrs M’s symptoms were not as a result of the accident, but to these pre-existing difficulties. If this was proven, her claim would have had a very low value.

However, Brian Barr Solicitors were able to navigate through these difficult medical issues and secure an appropriate settlement for Mrs M. It was argued that prior to the accident, her symptoms were variable in nature, but she always did return to some level of functioning, including being able to return to employment in 2012. After the accident, however, Mrs M’s symptoms were more of a severe and permanent nature and not variable.

Thankfully, she was able to instruct Brian Barr Solicitors, experts in fibromyalgia litigation to assist her with her compensation claim and help to secure a large sum of money to compensate for her poor quality of life.


If you have developed fibromyalgia or a similar chronic pain condition that you think may have been caused by another’s negligence, be sure to contact us. What may seem to be a hopeless case may very well turn into compensation for your suffering.


We are experts in litigating chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and CRPS claims as well as serious, catastrophic, and brain injury claims. We secure the payout for claimants with a critical illness insurance policy as well as those with an ill health pension.




David Johnson
I cannot thank you enough, you have made this difficult journey in my life much smoother and easier for me. I will happily recommend Brian Barr Solicitors and certainly you in person, to anyone. I dread to think how I would have ended up if I had not seen Brian’s ad in the Fibro magazine.
Chris Harrison
Dear Brian, thank you all so very much for representing me. You are one amazing firm of solicitors who I will definitely recommend
Cynthia Wiltshire,
Brian Barr offer very friendly and efficient service. They kept us well informed throughout and had very reasonable fees for such a specialised service, enabling us to achieve results much quicker than anticipated.
We would like to thank Alex from Brian Barr for his support over the last three years; he took the time to better understand our claim, something that well-known competitors failed to do, and was willing to help us in the face of a well-funded intimidating defendant. Alex’s hard work, combined with that of his high quality team, proved undoubtedly fundamental in helping us secure a settlement, which has allowed us to move on with our lives. Finally, it was a pleasure to work with someone a thoughtful, honest, and thoroughly decent as Alex – we really can’t speak highly enough of him as a person.
I was really happy that I found Brian Barr Solicitors. My solicitor, Phillip Cohen, was an absolute gem from start to finish. If I had anything I wanted explaining or any worry, Phillip always talked it through with me. When I went for the final settlement meeting both he and Fiona Ashworth (barrister) put me at ease and talked me through it step by step. I cannot thank them enough. So once again thank you Phillip Cohen and Brian Barr Solicitors. I really would recommend you to anyone who needs a competent firm of solicitors.

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