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Let's focus on what we can do, not what we can't!

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Let's focus on what we can do, not what we can't!

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Branch Properties

Accessible Property Specialists

If you are having problems finding an accessible property to rent or purchase, Branch Properties can help. We specialise in finding and providing wheelchair accessible and adaptable homes, and are known as the place to come for assistance and guidance.

This is a family business grown from personal experience, which can help you or your client to find the home to meet specific needs and requirements.

The UK housing sector does have a shortage of accessible homes available to those who need them, but our niche, unique and specialist property service recognises that there are many potential properties on the market – but knowing if they are suitable always requires a visit.
Unique accessible property finding service

We are the only property finding service designed for people requiring accessible homes that have been purpose-built, adapted or modified. Whether it is wheelchair access, an adapted bathroom or kitchen, a property with dedicated nearby parking, services for sight or hearing impairment, or extra security, let us take the strain of finding it.

We work with individual clients or on behalf of case managers and solicitors searching for properties. Come to us for an experienced and personal service, whatever specific needs are required, our unique service will be tailored to your/your client’s needs.
Here at Branch Properties we offer the following:

• A full assessment of requirements, size of property, area, and budget.
• Personally selected properties and bespoke reports of suitability.
• Full Reports of all property details and potential for adaptation.
• One to one meetings with you and/or your client at the chosen property.
• We handle all negotiations to secure the best possible price for you.
• A team of trusted architects and builders for all adaptations where necessary
• Full Project Management of adaptions with carefully selected suppliers to suit individual requirements.

We also work with homeowners wanting to sell an accessible property and to match them up with someone who really needs those adaptions. Instead of seeing the property be sold and the all-important adaptions ripped out, which is heart-breaking to see!

You can get in touch with Branch Properties by phone or email, or visit our website for further information and testimonials.

Contact Details

24 Holborn Viaduct
United Kingdom
Phone: 020 3475 4022
Email: info@branchproperties.co.uk


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