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Allied Mobility

Allied Mobility Hire offers a wide range of small, medium and large adapted vehicles.  When you opt for Allied Mobility’s hire service, you can choose which car adaptations and driving aids you need.

Adapted Car Hire from Allied Mobility

Driving a standard hire car can be difficult if you have a disability, or reduced mobility or strength in your arms or legs.  We understand the challenges you face with renting a car when you use adaptations and disabled driving aids, so our adapted car hire team can guide you through the process to choose the right mobility car for you.

Our rental car adaptations include:


  • Driving aids, such as push pull hand brake extensions and pedal extensions
  • Steering aids
  • Wireless keypad controls

Disabled Driving Made Easy

If you need an adapted vehicle hire to replace your own car for a short or longer term, then you can choose from our extensive adapted vehicles fleet which includes:

  • Small adapted vehicles for hire
  • Medium adapted vehicles for hire
  • Large adapted vehicles for hire

  • Tracey Jackson

    I had a test drive this morning with Nick Sears, the van is perfect for our needs. Nick was very informative and helpful, taking me step by step through the functions of the van. My daughter Jade was also very pleased as we can now go out with her electric wheelchair. I was happy to hear that my choice of colour would be delivered in 3/4 weeks. All in all, a very good presentation by Nick, thank you very much Motobility.

  • John A

    I could not believe how easy this company was to deal with. I called them and they were so helpful on the phone, they took all of my details and had a nice man call me back. We discussed what we needed from the vehicle and arranged a demonstration at my sons school (didn't know this could be done). The demonstration covered everything! we loved the car and placed an order, everything was then done from our home and the car was delivered in three weeks as we were not fussed on the colour we just wanted it for the summer. Speak as you find, but I can not recommend this company enough. thank you for making it so simple.

  • AdamH

    Had two wheelchair access cars from Allied and planning on getting a third. Never had any problems with the adaptations. Service better than expected. I had a problem with a rental vehicle which caused some disappointment but it was dealt with well and I am a happy customer again. Thanks Rebecca.

  • TheGoodLeftUndone93

    We bought a new vehicle for our dad and the service we were provided was amazing. From the chap who came out with the car, and did the demonstration, and to everyone we spoke to on the phone. We had no issues at all. The car is also top notch and was delivered within 4 weeks or us ordering!

  • john watson

    Got a brand new wheelchair accessible car from allied mobility , service was great , they came to my home and done a demonstration on a Peugeot , made everything so easy , salesman was great, kept up to date with everything and to round everything off I got the car in only 4 weeks , delivered to my door , I cannot thank them enough as it has made life so much better for me and my son

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United Kingdom

0800 587 9610


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