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Why create the Assure?

Karl Gibbs, our founder, had a discussion with his mother, an active ‘solo senior’, who asked if there was a way of confirming she was OK each day. He decided to look at available solutions that:

  • Were really simple to set up and use
  • Provided protection for a range of eventualities
  • Covered the home & garden
  • Eliminated false alerts due to accidental button presses
  • Truly fitted with a modern, active lifestyle -without the user needing to think about it.

However he couldn’t find anything suitable.

Karl thought technology could achieve something far better for his mother (and others) and teamed up with accomplished engineers, manufacturing experts and award-winning designers.

The concept became the Assure which has now won its own international design awards and has secured runner-up spot in a global competition run by BT for innovation to support ‘Family, friends and community’.

Coming back to where the ideas came from, Karl’s mother is safer now, as are the many satisfied users.

Contact Details

18 Hill Street

Saffron Walden

CB10 1JD

United Kingdom

0345 25 75 080

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