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Doctor Who: I rescued Kylie Minogue as David Tennant double — BBC News

Saving Kylie Minogue from a bridge was not in Colum Sanson-Regan’s plans when he turned up as a Doctor Who extra.

But David Tennant was not around, so someone had to do it, and producers thought Colum looked like the doctor.

“I’ve saved Kylie, flown the Tardis, held the screwdriver and had Billie Piper look deep into my eyes and tell me how much she loved me,” joked Colum.

“I asked the producer ‘Why am I putting on the doctor’s suit? They replied ‘Well, David Tennant isn’t in’.

Now a father of two, Colum was earning some extra cash before his first child was born.

“I didn’t know what was going on,” recalled Colum of when he arrived on the set but was ushered past the “cold bus” where the extras usually hang around and was shown to a posh trailer.