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The Scoop: DisabilityMatch.co.uk has become one of the top names in its niche by catering to the needs of disabled singles in the UK. David Miller created this compassionate dating site in 2011 because he wanted to give the disabled a place where they didn’t have to feel undeserving or unappreciated by the mainstream dating population. Disability Match encourages its users to accept one another’s flaws and look past disabilities to see people for who they are. The dating site has successfully facilitated countless friendships, romances, and relationships, but it has also provided a friendly and secure place where individuals can seek support, advice, and personal growth. Now David hopes to use his platform to send a positive and empowering message to singles who are disabled or are considering dating someone with a disability.

A decade ago, the average disabled person probably wouldn’t even have considered joining a dating site to meet people. It just wasn’t a viable option. General dating sites seemed to only offer disabled folks a chance to be judged, ignored, or taken advantage of.

With so much riding on polished photos and profiles, disabled singles often worried that they couldn’t measure up to the thousands of flawless dating profiles and wouldn’t be able to find someone who was willing to accept an imperfect match.

But Disability Match has sought to change the dating environment by giving the disabled more opportunities to connect. This niche dating site in the UK has done a lot to normalize disability in the online dating scene and rid people of their misconceptions about disabilities and dating. Today, the friendly dating platform welcomes people with mental and physical disabilities as well as anyone open to dating a disabled person.

Disability Match is free to join, but, like many profitable dating sites, it charges a monthly membership fee for the use of its communication tools. The site offers users plenty of guidance and advice as they make connections online, and the team aims to become more responsive on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Now disabled singles have begun entering the world of online dating and using these tools to connect with a larger community without fear of judgment.

“The overall trend is definitely very positive for us,” said David Miller, who launched Disability Match in 2011. “While 10 years ago, the disabled often shied away from online dating, they now believe they can find a date on a site that’s concerned about their needs. We want to make it easier for them to normalize their lives and to have relationships.”

Launching Free Webinars to Answer User Questions

Disability Match has established itself as an authority on disability in the online dating world and appears at the top of Google search results for most disability-related terms. David has a wealth of knowledge in this area, not only as the Founder of the site but also as someone who has a hearing disability himself.

He said he wants to help members by hosting instructive webinars and news reports. The Disability Match podcast has featured the advice from dating experts, psychologists, and health professionals who discuss what it’s like to date someone who has autism, uses a wheelchair, or lives with another type of disability.

David said he wants to promote free educational videos that engage his audience and answer their questions about online dating, which can be tricky for inexperienced singles to navigate.

“I’d like members to send me questions in advance, so I can deal with real-life problems,” he said, “rather than assume I know what their problems are.”

Additionally, David will attend the Naidex Conference, as he has for the last few years, to give a seminar that teaches disabled men and women how to put together an attractive profile and communicate effectively online. Naidex is Europe’s largest event geared toward the disabled sector and therefore represents a great opportunity for David to reach people and inspire them to try online dating.

“I’ve been looking for ways to help our users present themselves better on the site,” David explained. “People are really interested in learning how to communicate better online, and I think that’s a good thing for the site.”

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