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Friday, 9 December, 2022

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis: Can I Still Drive? — Healthnews.com

Multiple sclerosis is a progressive disease. That means that patients will eventually face mobility issues. However, as the disease progresses, the person grows more dependent on transportation — to pick up medication or to attend doctor visits. Therefore, the question of whether someone with MS can drive is of utmost importance.

Fitness to drive, i.e., the capability to control a motor vehicle is important for the driver’s safety and the safety of others. Driving is a complex task requiring careful hand-eye coordination. However, numerous MS symptoms, such as visual symptoms and spasticity, among others, may interfere with driving ability — so, the answer is, “It depends”.

From a legal perspective, there is typically no automatic medical probation on one’s license. Additionally, MS is not acute, like dementia or disorders that can cause a lapse in consciousness, such as epilepsy. Therefore, because of different MS types, such as secondary progressive or relapsing-remitting, it’s impossible to determine whether someone with MS can drive.

Read more at: https://healthnews.com/health-conditions/multiple-sclerosis/diagnosed-with-multiple-sclerosis-can-i-still-drive/

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