Diabetes could damage feet & more: 6 things that high blood sugar could do to you – Times Now

High blood sugar levels can cause significant damage to nervous system as well | Photo credit: Pexels

Diabetes patients – be it type-1, type-2 or gestational – has become extremely common lately. With millions dealing with the blood sugar linked condition, there are a plethora of experts who continue to develop medication for better management; however, none could ever find a cure. Dieticians and nutritionists continue to draw diet charts with food recommendations for diabetics to help them manage blood sugar levels. Nevertheless, many are still not quite aware of how high blood sugar levels can impact health.

Known as hyperglycemia, the condition defines a state of abnormally high blood sugar levels. Although a state that crops up in the prediabetes stage or for patients dealing with type-1 or type-2 diabetes, patients need to be cautioned about the possible outcomes of high blood sugar.

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