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Dear Children With Cerebral Palsy,

Hi! How’ve you been? It’s been roughly two years since I’ve written to you. A lot has happened to me since then and a lot has probably happened to you too. Maybe you went on a super fun trip to Disneyland or something. Maybe you have a new wheelchair or walker; maybe you got your first one. Maybe you had a surgery, which isn’t always fun. These things can be hard to go through, but in the long run they can be good things.

In my experience, growing up with cerebral palsy gives you two options: you can test your limits, or you can live within limits others set for you. You can be limitless or limited. It’s up to you to decide. I was raised to be limitless and to test my limits. I also had absolutely amazing examples of what this looked like. It is not by any means easy and I’m not trying to create this pretty perfect picture of what your life will look like. It will be hard and you will probably have meltdowns, but then again nobody’s life is easy.

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