Deaf Florida man creates special coronavirus face masks for lip readers – Fox News

Travers sews the windowed face masks himself. (Brian Travers)

A Florida man who has suffered from profound hearing loss for 25 years knows first-hand how critical lip reading is for those who are hearing impaired. But with face masks becoming a part of the “new normal” amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, reading lips has become impossible, leading him to create a special type of face mask for those who rely on this method of communication.

“When you meet someone and let them know you’re a ‘lip reader,’ most of the time it doesn’t connect with that person. Other times people will speak louder and slower,” Brian Travers, 53, of Coconut Creek, Fla., who slowly lost his hearing over the years due to a rare genetic disorder known as osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease, told Fox News.

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