Dancers with Down’s syndrome showcased in gorgeous photo series –

A stunning set of photos has shone a light on an incredible performance group made up of dancers who all have Down’s syndrome.

All the dancers from Culture Device have the condition, and these images are from their latest production – a reinterpretation of a contentious ballet piece – The Rite of Spring.

The production was to celebrate the 106th anniversary of Stravinsky’s 1913 ballet – and photographer Evelyn Bencicova has perfectly captured the energy of the dancers who took part in the piece.

‘Culture Device Dance Project is an innovative dance company for professional dancers with DS,’ it says on the company website.

‘We use improvisation and experimental electronic sound to push the boundaries of choreography, whilst giving a professional platform for performers with DS.

‘Culture Device is a catalyst for artistic excellence. We choreograph, produce and promote social-cultural events across the UK and overseas.

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