Crucial new beds for brain injury patients unveiled at care home – Ipswich Star

Managers at The Chantry Neurological Care Centre in Ipswich said the number of people needing treatment for brain injuries is rising, partly because improved care at hospitals allows more people to survive the initial stages of head traumas.

Yet many those survivors were having to either leave the county for care or undergo rehabilitation in hospital.

That, said centre director Jo Marshall, not only puts more pressure on an already stretched NHS but is “also not necessarily the best environment for people”.

So Sue Ryder, which runs The Chantry, teamed up with Ipswich Hospital to design a new rehabilitation service based at the centre at Chantry Park.

The result is an expansion with three new rooms at The Chantry, which were officially opened on Thursday, January 31 by the Lord-Lieutenant of Suffolk, Clare Countess of Euston.

They provide crucial 12-week rehabilitation programmes aimed at helping patients return to a normal life at home.

Because of the link-up between Sue Ryder and Ipswich Hospital, patients at The Chantry will be able to continue treatment with the same therapists they saw in hospital.

Information between the Sue Ryder and the hospital is also shared to ensure patients receive the best care.

“This therapy, as well as being right for the patient, can be seen as cost-effective,” Ms Marshall said.

“If you’re giving patients therapy to help regain their independence, in the longer term it’s going to save costs.

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