Covid: The polio generation knows how important vaccines are. Just ask ‘the man in the iron lung’ – Professor Joe Goldblatt – The Scotsman

Two usherettes from the Gaumont Cinema, Sheffield, were among the first people in the UK to take the polio pink “sugar lump” vaccine in May 1962 (Picture: Sheffield Newspapers)

At the age of eight, I was curious as to why we would be going to a school on the weekend, however, I obeyed their order.

Five minutes later as the car pulled up to the parking lot, I noticed a long queue stretching from the front door of the school and continuing down the sidewalk for almost two city blocks. People in this queue were smiling, laughing, exchanging stories and they all seemed to have a hopeful attitude.

In my Jewish tradition, it is believed that to save one single life is in fact an opportunity to save the world. That is perhaps why so many Jewish people become doctors and have won so many Nobel Prizes for science. The scientists who discovered the Polio vaccine that we would soon receive, Drs Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin, were also Jewish men.

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