Covid-19 vaccines: what they mean for people with MS – Multiple Sclerosis Trust

Q: What would a Covid-19 vaccine mean for people with MS?

We’ve recently heard the fantastic news about the first positive result from one of the Covid-19 vaccine trials(link is external). It’s particularly good news because this vaccine was targetted against one of the parts of the Covid-19 virus – known as the S protein or the spike protein – which nearly every other vaccine is targetted against. So even if this particular vaccine doesn’t end up working, it’s shown that this is a good strategy that all the other vaccines, more or less, are adopting so we can be more confident now than we ever have been that a useful vaccine will come along shortly.

There’ll be two clear effects of finding a successful vaccine for people with MS. One is that the more people who take this vaccine, the more it will reduce the number of people who can be infected by Covid-19. Therefore the overall infection rate will decrease, reducing the chance of someone with MS being exposed to someone who has Covid-19. Secondly, people with MS will be offered the vaccine at some point in the future and, if it’s effective for these people, then they will have direct immunity against Covid-19.

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