Couple tackle disability ‘misconceptions’ with YouTube channel – Belfast Telegraph

A man with muscular dystrophy and his able-bodied girlfriend are sharing their relationship with the world on YouTube, in the hope of tackling “big misconceptions about disability”.

Shane Burcaw, 26, was born with spinal muscular atrophy and has been using a motorised wheelchair since he was two years old. He lives with his partner Hannah Aylward, 23, a student, and Mr Burcaw’s primary caregiver.

The couple posted their first YouTube video in June 2018, and have already gathered more than 170,000 subscribers.

Mr Burcaw said: “We created our YouTube, Squirmy and Grubs, to show the world that inter-abled relationships exist, and that they are just as satisfying, fun, and worthwhile as any relationship.

“Hannah is often mistaken as my mom, nurse, or sister, because many people can’t fathom that a beautiful, able-bodied woman like Hannah would ever be romantically involved with a person who uses a wheelchair.

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