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Saturday, 22 October, 2022

Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Post-Operative Paraplegic Patient: A Case Report – Cureus


Involvement and lifestyle quality in terms of health are impacted by spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injury (SCI) patient sufferers deal with physical, social, and psychological repercussions. Annual spinal cord injuries are anticipated to range between 250,000 and 500,000. Clinical signs of SCI could include a partial or complete sensation loss and/or motor activity below the site of the damage. While quadriplegia could develop from injuries to the cervical region, paraplegia could result from injuries to the lower thorax. The most popular technique for predicting outcomes after the SCI is the International Standards for Neurological Classification of Spinal Cord Injury (ISNCSCI), which was created in partnership with the American Spinal Injury Association. A 28-year-old patient visited our hospital with complaints of reduced strength in both lower limbs and unable to walk. For those with whole or incomplete paraplegia, regaining independent mobility during the chronic phase is the most crucial goal. Bed mobility training, upper limb strengthening, trunk control, and intervention were started. SCI is an example of a low-incidence ailment that does not generate sufficient market demand to sustain the development of specialist services in distant places. The rehabilitation strategy should include weight-bearing mat exercises, home exercise programs, and ambulation orthoses. Early physiotherapy participation on the side of the patient allowed him to avoid major secondary issues including bed sores and joint contractures. One of the crucial components of the recovery process for those with spinal cord injuries is physical therapy.

Read more at: https://www.cureus.com/articles/118724-comprehensive-rehabilitation-of-post-operative-paraplegic-patient-a-case-report

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