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Wednesday, 20 September, 2023

Commissioning a fully inclusive TV series about the towns of the UK

Marg McNiel is the Founder of SEE Around Britain, a UK-wide fully inclusive and interactive multilingual photographic App helping everyone to decide if a venue is suitable for their needs, https://seearoundbritain.com/about-us

SEE Around Britain shows by its extensive use of photographs the access facilities at venues (including warm spaces, foodbanks and citizens advice bureaux), and places of worship throughout the UK. Marg states that “no other organisation provides this”.

Marg is working with Learning Disability and other disabled people’s organisations to explore ideas for commissioning a TV series that would enable both disabled people and non-disabled people to explore different towns and their facilities and also points of interest. It would tie in well and promote the SEE Around Britain website and app.

Marg has explored and contacted various commissioners and needs support to bring the project to the attention of those able to make decisions about commissioning programmes.

Marg was born with a mobility impairment, and since 1992 has had the physically debilitating disability ME without remission, which is worsening now that he is in his 70s.

His distinctive 1st male name is Norse, with his parents’ families coming from Ireland and the Hebrides, and it is pronounced with its G as in golf.

In 1977 Marg was personally awarded a Queen’s Silver Jubilee grant to continue and develop his work by renting a building which needed extensive renovation and which his charity was able to later purchase by Marg foregoing a salary that was due to him. His charity receives no public or private funding.

Marg emphasises that, sadly, the charity has never received the resources his survey work deserves, and that the only way to progress this was to sell the large building and relocate to a cramped rented farmhouse.

The website has been digging into the capital reserves of his charity, which are ring fenced to purchase a permanent rural farm site, where there will be space as a fully accessible meeting place, resource and community education centre to fully access the extensive archives (including a vast toy and model archive Marg has built up), please see https://seearoundbritain.com/key-facts

For further information do a search for https://seearoundbritain.com/about-us or please contact ‘SAB Support’ support@seearoundbritain.com

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