Cody Gray is redefining what it means to live with a spinal cord injury – Red Bull

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Cody Gray is a Wings for Life World Run (WFLWR) ambassador and a touch football coach. She’s a student, and is currently studying for her third Bachelor’s degree in financial planning (her first two are in marketing and tourism and event management, respectively). She likes going to comedy shows, the movies, and hitting Adelaide’s restaurants with her friends in search of good food and drink (they try a new one each month).

Cody’s a big reader, and has a particular soft spot for crime thrillers. (And Harry Potter). She listens to podcasts about financial literacy. She loves marketing and is aiming to one day find a job in the field, and she currently works part-time in market research. She prides herself on being a good daughter and friend, and she hopes all of her friends know that they can go to her anytime, with whatever issues they might be facing.

In addition to all of these things, Cody is also a quadriplegic, having suffered a severe spinal cord injury in a freak skiing accident when she was just 16, halfway through year 11.

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