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Sunday, 17 September, 2023

Closing the Accessibility Gap for People with Sight Loss – FE News

With the digital era moving at such a fast pace, it presents a great opportunity for those with visual impairments to gain access to online assets that heretofore have been difficult to utilise. However, the Accessibility Index by the NCBI highlighted that progress is still needed, even among Ireland’s education websites and apps, many leading universities and secondary schools require additional steps to improve their digital accessibility.

Technological progress can allow those with visual impairments to engage in the world with much-improved autonomy. However, many institutions continue to trail in providing tools that deliver better digital experiences for the visually impaired. This technology should be a priority because removing hurdles and providing new resources makes life easier for the user.

For those with a visual impairment, navigating digital interfaces can be challenging, particularly for individuals dependent on-screen readers who rely on keyboard-based interaction. Web pages and applications lacking accessibility pose obstacles; it could be course enrolment, accessing content or joining virtual conversations or communities. Enterprises that fail to address these issues inadvertently alienate potential customers who cannot find the necessary information.

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