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Tuesday, 24 August, 2021

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME or Just Tired?: How To Tell The Difference – GLAMOUR UK


Think about how tired you feel on an average work day, then imagine that x10000 day in, day out, for your whole life. That’s just a scratch on the surface of what it’s like to live with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), or as it’s also known, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). It’s a condition that women are two to four times more likely to be diagnosed with, so says America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, yet despite how debilitating and life-changing it may be, it’s a disease often shrouded in confusion.

The cause of it remains unknown, and the best routes of treatment chop and change almost as quickly as the Love Islanders switch couples, but evidence has become more concrete. In an age where we’re typically juggling a million and one things, particularly post-pandemic when life has resumed some sort of ‘normality’ and we’re attempting to make up for lost time in both our personal and professional lives, it’s not unusual to feel especially tired, but how do you know if you have something more sinister? How do you know if it’s actually CFS/ME?

Read more at: https://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/article/chronic-fatigue-syndrome

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