Christopher Reeve Foundation raised $138M for spinal cord injury research to help the paralyzed walk – Daily Mail

Christopher Reeve’s daughter says her late father’s charity work has helped develop research into a new technique that has assisted the recovery of paralyzed people.

Alexandra Reeve Givens works on the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation – named after her late parents – and has revealed the Superman star’s name has contributed towards raising $138million for scientific research.

The mother-of-two shared that the funds for looking into treatment for spinal cord injuries, like what affected her dad after he hit his head in a 1995 horse riding fall, have paid for trials into advancing cures.

‘There are new techniques called epidural stimulation, which submits electronic stimulation to people’s spinal cord as they’re undergoing physical therapy,’ she told Fox News. ‘The promise of this is really amazing. For the first time, we are seeing people get regained motor function. Some people are standing, and some people are even taking steps.’

Adding that there’s ‘still a long way to go’ and only a small group have been able to test the therapy, she shared that it was incredible getting FDA approval after her father excitedly dreamed about the possibility.

But she says now what was ‘abstract’ is ‘really real’.

Reeve Givens said the 1978 Superman: The Movie star not only worked hard to make sure his daughter and two sons led a normal life but he was keen to help others even after his injury.

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