Chris Packham: Those who attack me ‘picking on the wrong guy in the wrong way’ – ITV News

Chris Packham has recently demonstrated against HS2
Photo: Giles Anderson/PA

Chris Packham has said people who attack him for his environmental campaigning “are picking on the wrong guy in the wrong way”.

The BBC Springwatch presenter’s backing for a successful legal action challenging licences for shooting wild birds led to a petition against him, dead crows left hanging outside his home and death threats.

He has also faced criticism for his campaigning against the game shooting industry, including another legal challenge by Wild Justice – which he co-founded – over the release of game birds, and the plight of hen harriers.

But Mr Packham, who has Asperger’s syndrome, has told the PA news agency that the aggression he has experienced “fuels me”.

“It never makes me angry, depressed, worried, it makes me think they’re doing these things because they’re being backed into a corner and lashing out.

“I’m interested in getting results, I will plough on regardless.”

He described the current climate as “an age of bullying” but said he was inured to it, and what people did would not make a difference.

Ahead of a talk in Harrogate later this month, the naturalist also said he was keen for young people with Asperger’s to focus on its positive attributes and for people more widely to understand the condition.

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