Charity issues warning over diabetes mental health link – BBC News

Campaigners are calling for more funds to ensure people with diabetes can access psychological support.

More than 298,000 Scots have been diagnosed with the condition but many have been unable to access specialist mental health care.

Diabetes Scotland has now issued a series of demands to both the government and NHS boards.

The Scottish government said it recognised the challenges faced by people living with the condition.

The charity said people with the condition were twice as likely to experience depression yet, across the UK, 40% of GPs say they are not likely to ask about emotional wellbeing and mental health in routine diabetes appointments.

And less than a third (30%) of family doctors believe there is enough emotional and psychological support for people with the condition, according to a survey.

‘Has to change’

Scotland’s Diabetes Improvement Plan, published in 2014, found people with the condition experienced better care when mental health professionals were involved.

Diabetes Scotland said: “This has not happened uniformly across Scotland and is the exception rather than the rule.

“Things have to change. We want diabetes care that sees and supports the whole person.

“The emotional and psychological impacts of diabetes should be recognised in all diabetes care. Everyone affected by diabetes must have access to the support they need, when they need it.”

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