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Why Inclusive Education? – By Dr Armineh Soorenian

The intrinsic value of education for human and social progress has been well researched and discussed. Since access to high paid professions and…


My Life – By Holidays For The Disabled Founder – Paul Fogarty

A few years ago my wife and I decided to relocate to Brighton to live nearer to my wife’s family. Immediately after this…


Disabled Camden man realised dream of starting his own business with charity’s help – By Dave Scates

When Dave Scates had to ask a potential employer to carry his wheelchair into a job interview, he realised working for…


My Life – By Paralympian Lloyd Upsdell

I was born 6 weeks premature , and as a result of this my lungs had not fully developed. My…


After sustaining a life changing injury in 2013, Martyn Ashton, mountain bike and Road Bike Party legend, is Back On Track.


“Access in the UK infuriates me” – Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil set up Why Not People as a way of providing accessible music events to disabled people, who are too often excluded….


The Day that Ben met Jesus! – By Charlotte Morse

(Since Ben was two we had been living in a very beautiful area of rural France where I had managed to establish a…



EasyJet launches summer collection to raise vital funds for Unicef’s work for children Watch the video here:


Lost Rails – By Mitch St Pierre


Disabled Travel To Cambodia & Thailand – Part 4 – By Grant Logan

New Years Eve After spending the day visiting Angkor Wat and being blown away by the temples and scenery, it was now the evening…


Broken Neck C45 Complete! Ron’s Story By Tell My Story TV

Ron, all the way into his 30s, had a happy life; a full time job, a house,…


The Dorset Destroyers Vs Team Solent Sharks – By Nick Coombs

A little collage I made of Sunday Sept. 27th game at Rossmore Leisure Centre, Poole. Featuring current and ex Team GB players Luke White,…


Neal Crowley My Journey

My name is Neal Crowley. I am from Dagenham in Essex. I have Cerebral Palsy. I used…


From defect to asset! – By Eleanor Levy

In the late eighties, I joined a shared office, where screens were introduced to solve noise problems. I noticed that I could no…


Disabled Travel To Cambodia & Thailand – Part 3 – By Grant Logan

Today we would be visiting Angkor Wat, the whole reason that Siem Reap has developed…


Lee Ridley | Lost Voice Guy – A Comedian with Cerebral Palsy: TellMyStoryTv


From PR & Chicken – To Making a Difference… By Divya Daryanani

I am not quite sure how best to start my first attempt at blogging. I feel oddly calm and open, even though I…


Disabled Travel To Cambodia & Thailand – Part 2 – By Grant Logan

Part 2/ Day 2 Today was going to be a day of rest and chilling out, Johan our hotel owner told us about a…


Frieda On Tour – By Tobias Baumann

My name is Tobi. I’m a 29-year-old boy from Ludwigshafen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. I have been suffering from muscular dystrophy since birth. Despite my…


Megan’s Story

Megan was just 12 years old when diagnosed with…


No One Can Hold Me Back – Portraits of & taken by young people with Autism – By


Hannah’s Inspiring Life Story with Cerebral Palsy: Tellmystorytv


Disabled Hero saves Nepal, turns his attention to Kenya

As Trevor Palmer, a disabled full-time wheelchair user, watched the TV coverage of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, he saw what…


Being a British tennis Umpire – by Martin Etheridge

When British umpire Martin Etheridge, called ‘game, set, match’ on the deciding doubles rubber in the Quad’s World Team Cup final between USA…



He tools around the kitchen in his bulky electric wheelchair, and though David doc Robertson is no longer a promising fleet footed athlete…


I wanted to become a journalist since childhood – By Simona Petaccia

Given that I couldn’t attend a recognized School of Journalism, I graduated from the Literature and Foreign Language University summa cum laude, because…


A Disabled Traveller – By Mitch St.Pierre

Disability is something that most travellers don’t think about when they are on the road. So how would you cope getting around, if…


Its not everyday you see someone playing computer games with their feet!! By Isaac Harvey

Is it every day that you see someone playing games with their feet? Well… here is a video showing my great talent of…


S’up Spoon For Shaky Hands – By Grant Douglas

I don’t let having cerebral palsy get in my way. I have a degree in computer science and two jobs; I live independently…


“Was you hurt in a car wreck or was you born that way?” By John W Lawson

My back was turned, but her voice pierced through me quicker than the gawking stares did when I walked into the room. As I…


Apple Watch for Visually Impaired – By Laura Turner

So Apple Inc. said ‘it’s our most personal device yet…’ A great quote for a great piece of technology. I have at the age…


Due to your Disability, We cannot Accept You as a Student on this Campus – By Jim Hasse

“Due to your Disability, We cannot Accept You as a Student on this Campus.” By Jim Hasse, ABC, GCDF Those were the words I heard from…


A Life With Autism – By Jake Cartwright

As far as I can remember being an autistic 5 year old was very confusing and I couldn’t remember anything that was going…


Disabled Travel To Cambodia & Thailand – Part 1 – By Grant Logan

I have wanted to return to Thailand for many years now as I had been there twice before my accident and it’s a…


Mouth Painting after Paralysis – By Jon Clayton

I was involved in an accident a month before my 18th birthday, this resulted in me being paralysed from the neck down C4/5,…


What is really going on with the Care Act of 2014/15? By William Case

 Is it now a postcode lottery in England By William Case In these financial times, is the new Care Act of 2014/15 up…


“I get one bath a week, and I often sleep in my clothes” – Rebecca’s story – Scope

Guest post by Rebecca, who has ME and is a wheelchair user….


Personal Health Budgets and me – By William Case

It’s now been 5 years since I’ve had my individual budget, which allows me to live independently with support when needed. I would…


On the side of the angels – By Alex Cumber

A marriage made in heaven. This is a romantic story about cold metal and warm leather; a story of pieces of mobility equipment…


An Accessible Whirlwind in Madrid – By Martyn Sibley

Kasia and I were fortunate to have our flights, hotel, hoist hire, and conference entrance covered by Once foundation, because I was a…

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