Limb Loss

5 Organizations for Prosthetic Care in Developing Countries – Borgen Project

Around the globe, prosthetic devices enable amputees to confront the physical, social and emotional challenges…


This Young Technologist Is Revolutionizing the Future of Prosthetics, One Artificial Limb at a Time – Men’s Health

  Easton LaChappelle isn’t your average adult male in his mid-twenties….


Why people should stop designing prosthetics that look realistic—and start designing ones that work – Fast Company

  Amputation can have a devastating effect on a person’s…


What Do I Need To Know About Strokes & COVID-19? – Monitor

Stroke remains a serious healthcare problem during the pandemic. Stroke is the blockage of a…


Artificial intelligence: Engineers reveal a prosthetic leg with a mind of its own – Inverse

For an estimated two million people in the U.S. living with limb loss, commercial-grade prosthetics…


Bravery of mum forced to have all limbs amputated after contracting COVID –

Caroline was placed in an induced coma for almost a month. Credit:…


This Startup Is 3D Printing Custom Prosthetics for a Fraction of the Standard Cost – Singularity Hub

Around 1.9 million people in the US are currently living with limb loss. The trauma…


Meningitis B Can Be Deadly—Here Are 12 Symptoms to Know – Self

  No matter your parenting style, it’s important to…


Life After Amputation: What to Expect for the New Amputee – Veterans News Report

Regardless of the reason, losing a limb is never easy. Both mentally and physically, amputation…


Dangerous blood clots form in leg arteries of COVID-19 patients – Radiological Society of North America

  COVID-19 is associated with life-threatening blood clots in…


Can expressive prosthetic limbs change our perceptions towards disability? – Firstpost

Amputation can have a devastating effect on a person’s body image and sense of self….


B.C. man prepares to be first to receive double-hand transplant in Canada – CTV News

Rick Thompson, who had all of his limbs amputated after contracting bacterial…


‘What if my kids are scared of me?’: Alex Brooker on life as a disabled dad – The Guardian

Alex Brooker: ‘Joking about disability can be a celebration of it, too.’…


Could 3D-Printed ‘Bone Bricks’ End Amputation? – ENGINEERING

These ‘bone bricks’ are pieced together to fill the gap caused by…


For diabetes patients, new health threats and cost concerns surface during coronavirus – The Colorado Sun

Samantha Almeida, 19, photographed on June 8, 2020, at Eisenhower Park in…


The medical conditions you MUST tell the DVLA about – or risk a large fine – East Lothian Courier

A FULL list of the common conditions that drivers must tell the DVLA about have…


Renfrewshire amputee Corinne Hutton is the Glasgow Times 2019 Scotswoman of the Year – Glasgow Times

IT was a dreich February morning, just before coronavirus struck, when Corinne Hutton ushered me…


Teenager with bionic arms delights This Morning viewers with piano performance – Daily Mail

A teenager with bionic arms has left viewers in awe after playing the piano on…


How these school kids are spreading ‘Pawsitivity’ by creating 3D-printed artificial legs for amputee dogs – India Today

This group of class 10 girls from a Gurugram-based school are creating…


What’s Everyday Life Like With a Mind-controlled Prosthetic Arm? – Technology Networks

  For the first time, people with arm…

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