Care worker is caught beating a girl, 15, with cerebral palsy on hidden camera set up by the child’s mother when the victim started wetting the bed and developed crooked teeth – Daily Mail

A care worker is facing jail after shocking video showed her beating a child with cerebral palsy.

Larissa Sandevi secretly filmed the care worker hitting her 13-year-old daughter 15 times after becoming suspicious when she found cuts and bruises on the teenager’s body.

Setting up a hidden camera at her home in the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine, she was horrified to discover the care worker, who has not been named, slapping her daughter Valeria around the face and pushing her onto the floor.

Distraught mum Larissa said: ‘She was doing very well at first, but then I began to notice abrasions on Valeria’s body.

‘When I asked the care worker about it she gave me what seemed like reasonable explanations.

‘But then Valeria’s conditions deteriorated and she started wetting the bed at nights so I decided to film what was going on.

‘I saw at once where my daughter was getting her bruises, abrasions, head aches, crooked teeth and why she was wetting the bed.

‘She hit my child 15 times within four hours.’

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